Paper Folders

We provide the very best in standard, large, legal, reinforced and capacity presentation folders in the industry today. Our products are designed to help you to market and communicate for your customer in both dynamic and unique ways. If communication is your aim and you want to do this with “out of the box” tools and options… let us help you with presentation folders that provide your initiative with high impact, innovative and conceptual themes that “pop”.

If, four color processing is your wish then allow us to provide this service. Standard stock document folders are increasing in popularity with auto, real estate, banking and travel industry. These standard stock folders can be modified or customized to meet your needs.


Presentation folder options include eco friendly, recycled paper, vegetable based inks, various decoration options (i.e. foil stamped, embossed, etc.) as well as pocket and card options. Let our graphics department provide that special touch of class that will put your presentation over the top.